About Belvedere

The Brand Story

  • Quite simply, Belvedere Sportswear Company focuses on classic tennis fashion and stylish active apparel. When the founders were kids playing tennis in the 1970's and 80's, they loved Rod Laver, Arthur Ashe, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker. Now, as adults and avid sportsmen, they longed for the classic timeless designs of years gone by...when style mattered on and off the court.  So they took matters in to their own hands...
  • Belvedere is a brand designed for men who care as much about style as they do about winning. Fitness is a key part of their fast-paced lifestyles and they don't want to compromise on either fashion or performance when it comes to exercise. They want luxurious, versatile athletic wear that crosses over into their everyday lives, looking cool during and after sport.
  • With its roots deep in tennis, the Belvedere Sportswear collections are exclusively made in the United States, using luxury high performance fabrics and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create pieces that streamline and support the body, while providing durability and comfort. Never sacrificing style for peak performance, Belvedere Sportswear fuses fashion and function, past and future to create a new standard for modern classic tennis gear.

The Founders

Belvedere Sportswear Company was founded in 2014.  The founders grew up traveling the world with their families, and have been fortunate enough to have played on some of the best courts in the world.  While they are both successful entrepreneurs in other industries, their love of the game of tennis brought them together and they started talking and agreed that the current market offering for tennis apparel either focused too heavily on technicality, neglecting style and design, or looked great on the store mannequin , but not so great after three sets in the sun.  Their desire to fuse these two ideas of form and function together and create classic tennis apparel with stylish aesthetics AND cutting-edge innovation led them to form the Belvedere Sportswear Company, the new standard in luxury performance sportswear.