Our Advantage

Meticulously constructed garments with high-performance custom made fabrics that form to the body to give ample support and maintain their appeal long after the game. We specifically chose protection application to reduce stains, allow quick dry-time to wick away perspiration, and be stable from UV-radiation. We considered every detail to guarantee complete delivery of these benefits to maximize performance on and off the court. A brand built on consistent high quality made in the United States.

  • Ability to wick away moisture, to stay drier longer, spreads perspiration as well while maintaining comfort and softness. Fast drying performance. Refer to Texollini's trademark "Vaportex."
  • Control of micro-organisms, stains and other soils, reduces odor from perspiration, reduces cross infection, control of deterioration of textiles, particularly fabrics made from natural fibers caused by mildew. Environmentally harmless.
  • Our fabric treatment makes the fabric stable against UV-radiation, inherent light stabilizer, non-skin irritating and non-skin sensitizing, highly effective, long life durable, compatible with stain release finish.